Announcing: All Set Collection!

We are announcing a New product line called the "All Set Collection"..

Featuring the eye catching colours and logo of All Set Camping & Hiking, these products stand out and pronounce that you have all the gear AND the right idea. ;D


Seriously though, we know you will love this new line. We have spent hours finding quality suppliers that can produce the toughest and most aesthetic products for your enjoyment out in the wilderness or at home.. all at a great price point!

For instance, check out this stainless steel, enamel mug. You can almost smell the forest just looking at it..

Imagine sipping Milo out of one of these bad boys while your mates are burning themselves with cheap plastic mugs!

Check out the rest of the gear we have so far and keep your ears peeled for more; we have more products every week!!

Get on it.

Isaac @ All Set Camping & Hiking

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